Sanyo ECJ-D100S Rice Cooker

The Sanyo ECJ-D100S is a 10-cup rice cooker. This micro-computerized cooker easily allows you to cook restaurant-quality rice in your own kitchen. You can find the Sanyo ECJ-D100S for a price between $110 and $150. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this small rice cooker.
The Sanyo ECJ-D100S is equipped with a temperature control system for cooking many different types of rice. It will allow you to cook white, mixed, sweet, and brown rice efficiently. You can also prepare porridge, soup, and steamed foods with the Sanyo ECJ-D100S. If you want to cook rinse-free or sprouted rice, you will need to measure water. The Sanyo ECJ-D100S makes this convenient as it features a water line to help you measure.

The rice cooker features a titanium-coated 2.5mm inner pot. The pot has a round bottom to ensure that heat is distributed evenly. The inner pot also has a non-stick surface to prevent rice from sticking. This also helps you clean the pot easily.

The Sanyo ECJ-D100S features a variety of cooking functions. The control panel allows you to choose between slow-cook, warming, and reheating functions. The slow-cook function is perfect for cooking stews and soups for up to eight hours. The warming function is designed to keep the rice warm after it has finished cooking.

The reheat function simply reheats the rice for five minutes so that it tastes like it is freshly cooked. The Sanyo ECJ-D100S is also equipped with an LCD clock and 24-hour timer. This allows you to program the machine to have the rice cooked at a specified time.

The Sanyo ECJ-D100S rice cooker has stainless steel accents that will add a touch of beauty to your kitchen. The unit is also compact, measuring 10 3/4 x 11 x 13.5 inches. You can also save additional counter space due to the retractable power cord.

The Sanyo ECJ-D100S comes packaged with a non-stick spatula and measuring cup. You are also provided with a steaming tray that you can use to steam vegetables. The instruction book also provides many different recipes in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

If you want to make rice easily, you should consider investing in the Sanyo ECJ-D100S. In addition to cooking rice, you can also use the machine to cook stews and soups for up to eight hours. The timer will also allow you to program the unit to have rice cooked at a specified time.